3 lovely dogs in need of a good home

Janice writes:  These dogs belonged to my brother.  About a month ago he had an accident, required brain surgery, went into a coma and is still hospitalized.  He’s still on a feeding tube and needing oxygen.   My brother faces a very long and slow recovery and he will never be able to care for his  3 hairy children.  These three dogs are very sweet and loving.  They are certainly  very confused by all this.   I have them boarded currently at The Animal House at Live Oak, it’s located at 7429 Thomas Avenue in Savanah GA 31406 – Phone # 912-352-1365.  They have been very kind and have offered me a discounted rate.  I have a family member dropping food off for them.  

They are not very large, they are up to my knee at best, but they were well feed.  All are neutered and current on all shots including heartworm medication.   Any help placing these 3 loves is greatly appreciated, I know my brother would be heartbroken if he ever learned that something bad happened to them.


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