After a recent upward surge, gas prices are a little lower as of Monday than they were a week ago -- and some analysts say the worst of this season’s price shocks for consumers are probably over. A gallon of regular gasoline cost $3.67 per gallon Monday, according to a national average calculated by the automotive group AAA in its Daily Fuel Gauge Report. That’s down from $3.69 a week ago. But gas prices are still high enough to make consumers’ eyes widen a little as they approach a pump. Today’s price is up 10 cents a gallon from a month ago and about 36 cents higher than it was when the year began. AAA predicts that the national average price has already peaked, or is close to doing so, for this spring. If this forecast is correct, then gas prices could decline in advance of the summer driving season as the annual switchover of refineries to summer formulas for gasoline concludes. We have posted the lowest prices in the area. Find it HERE