How to Play with your Cat Remotely When Not at Home (boy do I need one of these!)


Lots of cat owners miss little Fluffy or Tiger when they're away from home during the day, and they'd like to think their cats miss them too (although really, they're probably happy to have the place to themselves). A newly-invented gadget called Kittyo would let owners check in remotely for a little while, allowing them to talk to, watch, play with, take pictures of, and even give treats to their cat. Kittyo is about nine inches tall with a laser, video camera and audio speaker in its top half and a treat-dispenser in the bottom, so that you can talk to your cat, send it chasing after the laser beam, watch it in real time and give your little sweetums a treat. Creator Lee Miller launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week, and since the Internet loves all things feline, raised his goal of $30,000 to begin manufacturing Kittyo in just 36 minutes. In the few days since, he's raised over $100,000. Miller hopes to have the first Kittyo units available in November, with a price of around $189