How happy are you with your cable provider?

Most Americans want a divorce -- from their cable provider.

With costs soaring and everyone grumbling about getting more channels that they'll never watch, the "cord-cutting" trend has picked up in recent years, or at the very least, more people have talked about doing it.

How bad has it gotten? The market research company cg42 conducted a small survey of 300 people and the results were 53 percent said they'd gladly cut ties with their cable provider if it was possible to do so.

If that were to happen, cg42 estimates that the five largest cable companies would lose close to $7 billion over the next year.

Meanwhile, nearly three in four agreed with the statement that cable providers "are predatory in their practices and take advantage of consumers’ lack of choice."

As for large media companies merging to supposedly offer better service to customers, 72 percent believe it will actually have the opposite effect.

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