Tips for kids

·       NEVER go into a stranger’s house

·       Always stay with an adult

·       Have a flashlight that’s lit, especially when walking along streets and sidewalks

·       Ensure you can see out of your costume

·       Be careful crossing streets

·       Don’t run – always walk. There’s plenty of candy out there….

 Tips for parents

·       Stay with your children

·       Check the Internet for offenders who may live nearby (, click on “Offender Watch” in the upper left corner)

·       When possible, add reflective tape to a dark-colored costume so that drivers can better see the youngsters

·       Ensure your children’s costumes are treated with fire retardant

·       Make sure you children know to “stop, drop and roll” in case their costume catches fire

·       Check your children’s candy before they eat it

·       Don’t visit homes without porch lights lit, and advise your children those houses are off-limits

 Tips for your home

·       Ensure your walkways and front yards are clear for visitors, and assume small children will walk through garden areas in their rush to the next doorstep

·       Don’t put lit pumpkins or lit candles near walkways or steps, and be sure to extinguish all candles when the night is over

·       Use battery powered candles for even greater safety

·       Prepare for all ages of visitors

·       Use the time-tested technique of keeping on your porch light when you are entertaining trick-or-treaters and turn off your porch light when you are done.