Do's And Don'ts For Savannah's St. Patty's Day Parade

Do's And Don'ts For Savannah's St. Patty's Day Parade


SCMPD’s Dos and Don’ts for St. Patrick’s Day Festival


The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department wants to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festival. Sgt. Edward Grant in the Special Events Office has come up with a few key “dos” and “don’ts” everyone should keep in mind.


DOplan ahead.


DOcheck out the map of the “Control Zone”.  That lists all the information you need about wristbands alcohol consumption and entertainment staging areas.


DObecome of a fan of SCMPD’s social media.  Updates on road closures, parking and other vital information will be posted on Facebook at and and also on Twitter @scmpd and @savstpat.


DO take a photo of your children each day you are bringing them into a crowded area.  That way if the child goes missing the SCMPD will likely be better able to locate that child faster.  Nearly every child will be wearing green and the having a photo will be a huge benefit to the officers.


DO plan on where you will park if you drive. (Four ferries and two CAT buses will ferry participants from the free parking area at the Savannah Trade and Convention Center on Hutchison Island.)


DOdrink/party in moderation.


DON’Tbring pets into the St. Patrick’s Day “Control Zone”. You will be asked to take them out.


DON’Turinate in public.  You could be arrested and/or fined!


DON’Tbe indecent in public. You could be arrested and/or fined!


DON’T fight. You could be arrested and/or fined!


DON’T park in “No Parking” areas.  Your car will be towed.


DON’T drink and drive. You will go to jail!


DON’T drink alcohol out of the original containers.  Alcohol must be in 16 oz. “to go” cups and they are only legal north of Jones Street.



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