Can you have too much pizza? Apparently so!

Can you have too much pizza? Apparently so!

I love this story. The mother of a 2 year old cancer patient, Hazel Hammersley, took medical tape and made a sign in the window of her daughter's hospital room that said SEND PIZZA.

Someone saw this, took a picture of it, and it went viral. Shortly thereafter, the hospital was overwhelmed with pizza deliveries and had to politely call off the request for pizza.

Hazel has high risk stage 3 neuroblastoma and needs a year and a half hospital treatment at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. When the pizzas began arriving, Hazel woke up from her nap and the smell made her happy. It led to children and nurses coming to her room for a big pizza party.

We don't know who photographed the sign in the first place, but whoever it was:  thank you. I'm sure this 2 year old can use alot more pizza over the next 18 months. :)