As a culture obsessed by dieting, we inherently concentrate on saying no to the pizza, burgers, chocolate, and fried foods. Changing what we eat, putting down the knife and fork and focusing on portion control can be quite the challenge. But could the most dangerous utensil you employ be a straw? Here are some popular drink choices that are dangerous to your waistline, and potentially your health.

APPLE JUICE - From the grocery store to the convenience store, there are endless choices for apple juice. One company boasts of fresh juice from nothing other than five apples. That's 124 calories of apple juice hitting your gut in one go.

SPORTS DRINKS - To hydrate and quench your thirst at the gym, a sports drink might be your choice. You're also choosing 147 calories to negate your workout. Go with water instead.

FIZZY DRINKS - We are a generation of soft drink fiends. At the train station, restaurants, fast food joints, bars, mall ... it's often easier to find than water. People drink one, two and three bottles of this stuff per day. Just one bottle of soft drink contains a whopping 258 calories.

PROTEIN DRINKS - Gotta get huge, right? In a small box, your post-gym hit contains 30g of protein, but also packs 262 calories.

ENERGY DRINKS - You're feeling sluggish at work, or maybe readying yourself to jump out of a plane parachute-free. Perfect time for an energy drink, right? A large energy drink contains 341 calories.

SMOOTHIES - On the way to work, a "low-fat" banana smoothie sounds healthy and safe, right? But your creamy, fruity choice can pack a mammoth 500 calories.